NCME and AERA presentations

Thursday, April 13


Professional Development in Science Education for Special Educators Incorporating the 5E Model and Three-Dimensional Learning

Lindsay Ruhter, Meagan Karvonen, Sarah Koebley, David K. Pugalee (UNC Charlotte), Shawnee Wakeman (UNC Charlotte)

8–9:30 a.m. (Central), Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, 7th Floor, Grand Ballroom Salon III

Current Practices in Instructional Decision Making for Teachers of Students with Extensive Support Needs

Lindsay Ruhter, Meagan Karvonen, Amy Clark

2:50–4:20 p.m. (Central), Hyatt Regency Chicago, East Tower Exhibit Level, Riverside West Exhibition Hall


Reinvigorating Webb’s Depth of Knowledge in Three Content Areas

Marjorie Wine, Alexander M. Hoffman (AleDev Research)

9:50–11:20 a.m. (Central), Marriott: 5th Floor – Chicago Ballroom E

Using Machine Learning to Identify Causes of Differential Item Functioning

Jeff Hoover, Jake Thompson, Bruce Frey (Educational Psychology at KU)

2:50–4:20 p.m. (Central), Marriott: 5th Floor – Denver/Houston

A Simulated Retest Methods for Estimating Classification Reliability

Jake Thompson, Amy Clark

4:40–6:10 p.m. (Central), Marriott: 5th Floor – Chicago Ballroom E

Long-term English Learners’ Test Scores and Grades

Nami Shin

4:40–6:10 p.m. (Central), Marriott: 7th Floor – Salon I

Friday, April 14


How the Interconnectedness of Systemic Ableism and Teacher Candidates' Agentic Moves Shape Inclusive Education

Lindsay Ruhter, Amanda L. Miller (Wayne State University), Mary Katherine Mansouri (Student at KU)

11:40 a.m.–1:10 p.m. (Central), Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, Level 4 Chicago Ballroom X

A Comparison of Rational and Institutional Explanations for Acceleration of Student Enrollment, 1870–1920

Alex Bittel (ATLAS GRA)

2:50–4:20 p.m. (Central), Hyatt Regency Chicago: East Tower, Grand Ballroom A


Promises and Challenges in Teacher Implementation of Instructionally Embedded Assessments

Amy Clark, Jennifer Kobrin, Megan M. Mulvihill, Ashley Hirt

​​​​​​​8–9:30 a.m. (Central), Marriott: 5th Floor – Los Angeles/Miami

Evaluating the Performance of Person-Fit Detection Methods in Diagnostic Classification Models

Jeff Hoover, Jake Thompson

11:40 a.m.–1:10 p.m. (Central), Marriott: 5th Floor – Chicago Ballroom F

Saturday, April 15


Understanding Willingness to Communicate in a Foreign Language Among U.S. Undergraduate Students

Anqi Peng (ATLAS GRA)

9:50–11:20 a.m. (Central), Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, Level 4 Sheraton Ballroom IV and V

Sunday, April 16


Reinforcing Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK): Laterally Extending DOK by Acknowledging Proficiency's Impact on Cognitive Demand

Marjorie Wine, Alexander M. Hoffman (AleDev Research)

9:50–11:20 a.m. (Central), Swissôtel Chicago, Floor: Lucerne Level, Lucerne 2